Jessica Winblad

more about my background

Jessica realized her future software career early on, making databases for her hot wheels cars, and a spinner for the party-game twister before she was old enough to even drive a car. Her love for creating useful software has carried on through to her adult years, and she still continues to enjoy programming.

Jessica’s software specialty is not just about writing code that works, but leaving you with a finished product that will be easy to maintain and able to grow in respond to changing needs in the future. For a web-application, this might mean source code that doesn’t rely heavily on fragile templates that break the moment you decide to add one more link. For a desktop app this might mean well-organized and clearly documented source code.

Jessica’s experience in the corporate world provides a strong background in all stages of the software development process, from conceptualizing a product and developing the requirements of what is needed, to the actual implementation, as well as maintenance and upgrades down the road. She can listen to your needs and create mockups or ask questions that will help you hone your specifications, if your exact needs are not completely solidified.

Jessica has a Bachelors of Science from the University of California San Diego, where she studied Computer Science. Her strong academic career provided a firm foundation of technical skill in Java and web-programming, which has been honed further by her industry experience at companies such as Sun Microsystems and Cubic Defense Applications.

Aside from her background in software, Jessica has diverse personal interests from indoor soccer to volunteer work and youth mentoring. She also enjoys hobbies that explore creative talents and exploring unfamiliar cultures, such as blogging and international travel.

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