Fridays are Quiet

I like Fridays, because on Fridays its really quiet at the office. I hadn’t been noticing just how quiet it was until the HR manager walked by with someone on an interview and as they were walking by mentioning the quietness and joking “you’d think it was the off Friday”. Well, its not quite *that* quiet, because if it were, there’d be no sounds of keyboards and clicking mice.

I’m not sure why its so much quieter around here on Fridays, particularly after Noon. I remember back when I was interviewing, it was a Friday afternoon, and yes, it was this quiet when I took my tour of this part of the building–ghostly quiet, like you might think you’re one of the quiet floors of the library, and someone’s gonna glare at you if you talk above a whisper. But the thing is, its not like that the rest of the week.

I’m not really sure what makes Friday so different. It really isn’t like half the office goes home early for the day or anything…